Saturday, November 20, 2010


Hey! This week has been pretty good! It sounds like everything is going fine at home. This week, 3 elders from my district got their VISA's so they are in Sao Paulo right now! lucky! But they were all from the washington/oregon area, so im thinking their visas go through a different consolate. A lot of elders that are supposed to go to brazil got reassigned yesterday cuz their visa's haven't came. I'm pretty sure i'll get reassigned to the states, but oh well that would be sweet. I'll get my visa eventually, so it doesnt really matter to me. So the jazz are doing good huh? man i wish i could watch the games!! ugh! So about the medicine, i dont need another albuteral inhaler, that one will last me my mission, i never use it. As for my adviar, i dont use it every day. All i need is the allergy meds. So how is gary healing up? is he back to normal yet? Man, i miss that dog so much! So how did fremont do? thats awesome that they made it to the state championship. A lot of elders in my district are getting christmas packages already full of wrapped presents, im pretty positive i'll be here until christmas, so get on it!!! jk jk, but really hehehe:) So you liked the pics of me huh?? im glad yo;u guys enjoyed them. I'm having a lot of fun at the MTC. Pretty much all the elders in my district are friends, we make great memories every day. So today is Pday, I love Pday cuz we just get to relax in our normal clothes! I just got back from the temple, it was sweet. I still gotta write letters and go do my laundry. Since those elders in my district left for brazil, we had enough elders so that we could have 1 companionship per room. Its cool cuz now i have more room for all my stuff in the dorms. So how is both the Grandparents doing? I know Grandma hadleys health hasn't been good lately, how is she? I make sure to pray for em every night. So have you been cooking up a lot of your deer??? Mmmm that sounds good right about now. It sounds like your teaching is going well. So this week I got a package from the couches, it was awesome. They sent me bouncy ball things and candy. Bouncey balls/any sort of ball is a very hot item here in the mtc. Theres not much here to entertain teenagers haha. I see Jess and my other friends every day here, which is awesome. I'm not homesick anymore, but i'm sure that on thanksgiving i will be super homesick! I'm starting to get sick of the food here, i just want a good home made thanksgiving dinner! ugh! Well i've run out of time. I love you guys so much! I'll talk to you next week!

Love, Matt

Monday, November 8, 2010


Hey! how are things?? The mtc is a lot better now that i know how it runs and such. The first couple days sucked, but its all good now. Did you guys get my letter?? i sent it a couple days ago. So the jazz are 500. huh? And dwill and hayward got in a fight?? tell me more! haha. But are they fun to watch now with raja and jefferson? also how is d-will doing? Thats too bad that lake powell didnt work out. So the steel prop is sweet? does the boat go faster now?  So are you ready for your lectures?? I feel your pain cuz i study for hours on end every day! I've learned a ton tho, more than ever. I did the first TRC lesson yesterday, I feel that me and my companion did a really good job. The language is coming along good, i'm really glad i practiced before I left. I really love Pdays, Its when i can just sit back and relax, because all the other days are just go go go. It takes time to get used to a scheduled life. So at the fireside on sunday, M Russell Ballard came to speak and it was so amazing. I loved it. My companion and I get along fine.  He's really quiet and doesnt laugh when i crack my hilarious jokes ya know? haha. But yeah how is gary? I miss that guy! i miss you guys!! Sorry If this email is short, I had to answer moms questions, write nick a small email, and write you in 30 min. It goes by super fast. But my first sunday was good. Everything is done in portuguese (sacrament, prayers, talks) I dont really know what they're saying so it gets boring haha. But hopefully soon I'll know whats going on and be able to comprehend everything. But hey i got like a few seconds left, thanks for emailing! Keep em up, mom will ask questions, and I will email you about me week! I love you and have a good week!
Love Matt

First email from MTC 10/30/10

So FINALLY it's Pday, and i have time to do something. There really is no time to do anything around here. I'm in the laundry room washing my clothes right now, its sweet to just sit back and chill for a while. I'm in class like all day, It's pretty rough haha. But yeah the first coulple days were pretty rough, but its all good now. Our district is comfortagble around eachother now and we're all friends. My companion is named Elder Buerkle. He's almost 22 years old and he's from Idaho. He was in the Marine Corps before the mission and spent 13 months in Iraq. You can tell he was in the military. He's really quiet and reserved, he reminds me of dad. We get along fine but i like to talk a lot so its hard when he doesnt say much hahaha. I hope he opens up a little bit. I just need to be patitent. So how's things at home? And whats the deal with my Car?!? Is nick gunna buy it? if so when?
but yeah the MTC is fine now, I actually kinda like it. The spirit is really strong here, and my Portuguese is coming along great. We always pray in portuguese, and I can bear my testimony in portuguese, it's awesome. It's good to kind of have a head start on the portuguese. The people in my district are suprised of how much Portuguese i know already haha. We have two teachers. Irmao (brother) Kunzler, and Irmao Allred. Irmao Allred knows Trent because they served in the same mission! He's a way funny guy, he gets us laughing pretty hard. One funny thing that happened is that Irmao Allred was teaching class, and he bent down to grab something and his pants ripped! It was so funny! It's tough learning a new language though, just keep praying that I'll get it ok? So in our rooms there is me, elder buerkle, and then elder hartley, and his companion, elder martinez, he's from Arizona and fluent in spanish. He's sweet. Thank you so much for the Package! keep em coming! I was sooo happy! All the other Elders were jealous hehehehe. Our district is huge, there are like 20 missionaries in it, and all their visas didn't come. I've heard that getting visa's is really random. You'll just get called to the MTC travel office, they say your visa came, and then you get like a next morning flight to sao paulo! that would be crazy! So the Jazz are 0-2 huh? That sucks! Right after an 8-0 preseason! ugh!  Oh yeah and remember this, MY REGULAR PDAY IS ON FRIDAY SO MAKE YOUR EMAIL ON THURSDAY NIGHT OR SOMETHING! I had to write it in caps cuz i know you forget things easy haha. The only reason we're sending it today (saturday) is cuz this is our first week, so expect from now on to get an email on friday ok?? I've seen Shae Russell and Scott already, it's way nice to see familiar faces. I also saw paul hardcastle. He said you guys drove by the day you dropped me off and yelled something ha. When are you sending my debit card?? also, I didnt pack any allergy pills, so the ones you sent in my package is all I have. I'm also sending you guys a letter today so expect it on tuesday or somthing. Elder B also put a letter in there for you, he was happy about the halloween candy. I don't even think about facebook/phone anymore. There's really no time to think about home exept at night when your falling asleep, or in the morning when you with you were still alseep haha. Well time is running out so i gotta run. I love you all sooo much and pray for you guys every night and morning! Well this is where i say Tchau! (Bye)

Love, Elder Harper

Letter to his brother, Nick 10/30/10

Sup man! How's Life?? The mtc is pretty sweet, but its tough! Class all day gets rough at times haha, but it all works out. So whats the deal with my car? you gunna buy it? if so when? Hows xbox? haha i know you be pwning them noobs all day. Oh yeah, tell mom i just emailed her, she'll be very happy. You should send me candy in a package. Deal? I just got back from gym. The mtc gym is where you earn your respect, and legends are made. Its like a churchballapalooza. I be ballen those nerdy missionaries erry day all over the place. Its funny how the leadership is in the mtc. The ZL's think they're hot stuff cuz they're ZL's hahaha. They're still greenys, and will poop their pants when they get shoved out in the field. The language is coming along sweet. We pray in portuguese every day, and I can bear my testimony in portuguese. We'll, I dont have much time left so i gotta go. Love you son, write back! my pdays are on fridays, so reply before the next one deal?? I miss you already bro. peace!