Thursday, February 24, 2011

February 22, 2011

Tudooooooo bem??!
I'm glad you got the pics of the baptism. It was really cool to be apart of! Although i'm having a really good time in philly, i really feel like i need to get down to brazil. Maybe on fast sunday you can fast for my visa if you want with me, because i really need to get down there. I can't progress with the language if i'm not surrounded in it. *I'm doing my best to teach myself out of books but that only goes so far. You're so lucky you get to go to Hawaii! Eat some pinapple for me and go body surf on North Shore for me. Make sure you guys take lots of pics! It sounds like school is really busy, so keep up the good work! The first of last week was sooo nice! The nicest its been since i've been here. I had spring fever for sure.... until the coldness slapped me out of it!!! Man it's been cold again and i dont like it at all haha. The jazz are sucking so i guess i'm not missing that. So, did i tell you I got Emergency Transfered?? Ha I am out of my beloved little africa AKA Darby and I'm now in this middle of no where town called Pottsville. Man there is such a big difference! I had to replace an Elder here that had to leave this area because of some girl problem, so i am filling his place. On friday i got a call that i was to pack my stuff up and get transfered to go to North Philly to replace a sick elder going home, so i packed my stuff up and went to the AP"s to spend the night. That night they said that it wasnt going to happen anymore and so the next morning I was sent back to Darby. The next night I get a call from President Schafermeyer and I was told to pack up again because I was coming to Pottsville! So here i am in the Pottsville library. I was sad to leave Darby, especially with Rosetta and her daughter being baptised this sunday. I worked really hard with her and now i dont get to see her baptised... Oh well.... This is a big change for me in Pottsville. Darby was on fire with the missionary work, and Pottsville is the opposite. We are going to be doing a lot of tracting, which i hate, and the people here are die hard catholics and not open to our message. It's been rough and this is the time where the mission is gunna get hard on me, but i know i can do it. I just need to stay positive and pray always! I'm now with 1 companion instead of 2, and there are no missionaries around us exept from a missionary couple that lives above our appartment. It seems pretty lonely, but i'll adjust quick I hope. Today we did a few hours of service at a food place that gives out food to poor people, and it went good. After that the Ashbee's ( eldery missionary couple ) took us out to eat, and now i'm emailing! Yup. Thats my day. But yeah, things are going ok... I just need to stay positive and try to get the work rolling out here. Well, have a good week and know that I love ya!          Love, Elder Harper