Saturday, November 20, 2010


Hey! This week has been pretty good! It sounds like everything is going fine at home. This week, 3 elders from my district got their VISA's so they are in Sao Paulo right now! lucky! But they were all from the washington/oregon area, so im thinking their visas go through a different consolate. A lot of elders that are supposed to go to brazil got reassigned yesterday cuz their visa's haven't came. I'm pretty sure i'll get reassigned to the states, but oh well that would be sweet. I'll get my visa eventually, so it doesnt really matter to me. So the jazz are doing good huh? man i wish i could watch the games!! ugh! So about the medicine, i dont need another albuteral inhaler, that one will last me my mission, i never use it. As for my adviar, i dont use it every day. All i need is the allergy meds. So how is gary healing up? is he back to normal yet? Man, i miss that dog so much! So how did fremont do? thats awesome that they made it to the state championship. A lot of elders in my district are getting christmas packages already full of wrapped presents, im pretty positive i'll be here until christmas, so get on it!!! jk jk, but really hehehe:) So you liked the pics of me huh?? im glad yo;u guys enjoyed them. I'm having a lot of fun at the MTC. Pretty much all the elders in my district are friends, we make great memories every day. So today is Pday, I love Pday cuz we just get to relax in our normal clothes! I just got back from the temple, it was sweet. I still gotta write letters and go do my laundry. Since those elders in my district left for brazil, we had enough elders so that we could have 1 companionship per room. Its cool cuz now i have more room for all my stuff in the dorms. So how is both the Grandparents doing? I know Grandma hadleys health hasn't been good lately, how is she? I make sure to pray for em every night. So have you been cooking up a lot of your deer??? Mmmm that sounds good right about now. It sounds like your teaching is going well. So this week I got a package from the couches, it was awesome. They sent me bouncy ball things and candy. Bouncey balls/any sort of ball is a very hot item here in the mtc. Theres not much here to entertain teenagers haha. I see Jess and my other friends every day here, which is awesome. I'm not homesick anymore, but i'm sure that on thanksgiving i will be super homesick! I'm starting to get sick of the food here, i just want a good home made thanksgiving dinner! ugh! Well i've run out of time. I love you guys so much! I'll talk to you next week!

Love, Matt