Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sept. 28, 2011

Oi pai!

So this last week was a good one. We baptized Edson and it was awesome! He is so strong! He has potential to go on a mission. He is a little shy but we will see. He was baptized and that same night he went to a church dance, and hes already going to seminary, so he is really firm. It was awesome to get another baptism in, and see someones life change. I gave a 15 talk in church in sac meeting on sunday, and it went really good. Its a lot easier giving talks now that im fluent haha. I remember my first talk when i first got in brazil. I was so nervous but now im good! THis week we also got more furniture for our house. The only thing thats left is kitchen sink, washing machine, ironing board, and a couple other things. Getting closer, but honestly i dont think i will ever live in it. Probably i will get transfered that is coming up in two weeks. I hope so. So yesterday was pretty cool. I hit my eleventh month mark and it was my Bday! Man, one more month until hump day. But for my bday it sucked during the day because we were just in the hot sun walking from apointment to apointment and they all basically fell through. When the night came our branch pres picked us up because he said he had to talk to us, so he came and picked us up and took us to his house, and they had a cake and a bunch of food and we had a little bday party. It was so nice of them, I love that family! It made my birthday great, so it was good. So here in brazil the weather is starting to heat up really nice so its good to finally feel the warmth of a full year of cold on my mission. Two winters in a row man! That sucked!!! Haha. I will finish another winter and when i come home it will be the start of yet another winter in Utah. Lucky me right? Here in brazil right now the mail system is strike so my packages and letters are taking forever. Also the banks here are on strike so that sucks too haha. Everyone is on strike! But yeah today we went to another elders house because he is celebrating his birthday too so we had cake and food and everyone sang to us. Pday flies by so fast. Only if everyday went by as fast as pday hahaha. But yeah that is whats going on pretty much. I hope they find that robber and give my scooter back! Have a good week I love ya!!!