Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11, 2011

hey dad! not much to say to you either haha seeing that we talked on mothers day! Today was really cool, we went to the Curitiba Temple! Man, its so weird to do a session in portuguese! I didnt even use a translator, but it was good and i understood a lot of it. It took forever to get there, and ate up our whole pday, but it was worth it cuz the temple there is way cool and i look forward to going there again. I spent like 7 hours on a bus today man it sucked, and tomorrow ill spend even more time cuz its zone conference and we pretty much just have to go all the way back into center city curitiba, which is huge! But yeah, it was so cool talking with you guys via skype, ill deffinatly have to look for another member with skype when christmas comes, which is only about 7 more fast sundays! haha. But yeah, not much to say today, and im really short on time. I love ya!


May 4, 2011

Oi pai!
Things here are going good, and a lot different with a brazilian companion haha. They just act different than americans. He doesnt speak any english, so im forced to speak portuguese. Its good tho, cuz my portuguese and accent has gotten a lot better, and will continue to improve. Man, the same time i learn portuguese, im forgetting english haha. I had to think pretty hard how to say the pledge of alligence the other day haha. So now that Elder Dos Santos is new in the area, i took it over and he relys on me to know where im going. The road and house system out here is rediculous, but i know the area pretty good. So about the skype deal. Im pretty sure ill be skyping at 4 your time, so that will be good. Man, it will be way good to see your faces, it will be weird! Today for pday we played futsol, which is a version of soccer. Its played on an outdoor basketball court, with a smaller soccer ball. Its fun, but the brazilians are so freaking good and just own all of the americans ha but when it comes time to play basketball, we will own every time. Man, i just emailed on wednesday so i dont know what more to say, that and i will talk to you on sunday! Hmm... Well we did mark 6 baptisimal dates the other day so that was good. I dont know what more to say other than im super excited for sunday! I love you!
Love, Matt

April 30, 2011

Dad, Haha wow i dont even know what you were trying to say with that portuguese sentance. Maybe you meant to say como foi sua semana filho? Or maybe a simple tudo bem? hahah just keep practicing. But hey! Im doing good down here, just another crazy week in brazil. Nick is finally engaged, thats sweet! I knew it would happen this week. Thats cool that your upping your resume. That thing is lookin good! ahha. Did jazz even make the playoffs? But yeah, this week was good. I did my first babtism in portuguese! We had two baptisms actually, it was great. I also gave my first blessing in portuguese. Tough! Haha man seriously speaking another language is tough, but i learn more every day, and everyone tells me i am speaking way good. Its really tough though. Im so used to saying whatever i want to say, and teaching how i want, but i have to adjust my teaching and speaking to what i know how to say haha. Páscoa (easter) was really good. We went to a members house and had a chorrosco (brazilian bbq) and it was so good! The members house is right next to this mini rainforest thing and we walked through it and it was way cool. It had vines you can swing on and paths, it was awesome. We also took a toar of where he works, which is at a dog trainer place with over 400 dogs. Ha my companion and i put on one of those dog biting sleeves and he sicked a german shepherd on us. It was so intense seeing a german sheperd running as fast as it can to you growling and barking, then latching onto your arm yanking you around. It was fun! hahaha. I took a video of it it was funny. So yeah, i hope you have mothers day off cuz i get to skype! woo! I will get to see you guys! So yeah, i passed my six month mark! woo! 1\4 done already! We bought a pizza and celebrated. Brazilain pizza is the best. So about transfers. My american companion got transfered and i now have a brazilian! He speaks no english, so its a challenge haha but my portuguese is gunna get so good i think. His name is Elder dos santos and hes from Natal, brazil, which is northern brazil. But yeah, things are going good here, and were teaching a lot! I gotta run now but i love ya!

Love, Matt