Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 10, 2011

Hey Dad! Sounds like things are going great as always, and you're still workin like a champ! I'll have you know that the Cheesesteaks here are sooo good and you should come get one! haha. It sounds like the Jazz are doing good! #5?!?! dang! And it really suprised me to see that New Orleans are #4. How the heck are they up there! all they have is CP3! Thats good that you got into the habbit of working out again. We run at 6:30 every morning in 20 degree weather and humidity plus wind. Its sooo cold but its good cuz we run a good distance and we're getting in shape. This week was good! We are so blessed to have lots of progressing investigators and new investigators. The lord truely puts preparred people in our way so they can recieve the gospel. We were walking out of a members house when we see this 22 year old girl walking on the sidewalk and she happend to be in front of us at the right place and the right time. We talked with her and she wanted to hear our message, so we scheduled an appointment and taught her the 1st lesson. We committed her to baptism and she said yes! She is super solid and her friend is going to get baptised with her! Darby is just full of promising people that are ready for the gospel. We have a few other baptisms set also from this week. I went on exchanges this week, it was cool. I stayed in Darby but another missionary came and we did work! Man this place is super Ghetto though. There are some really shady areas. Everyone likes us though so its all good. Sometimes we go on splits with members and i walk outside at night with elder Lake or elder Kay. We walk in some super shady areas but its all good, we're safe. I see dimebags for drugs everywhere! Its nuts! So we went to a members house and they were all freaking out so we talked to them and i guess someone broke into there house and they were all scared and panicking, but we said a prayer with them and we all just felt peace and everyone calmed down. We felt the spirit come and it really streangthened my testimony on prayer. This week we also had zone conference that lasted all day pretty much. We just had a whole bunch of training from the AP's and Mission Pres. The bright side is that we had cheesestakes for lunch! Everything is going great here, and we have high expectatiosn for this week. Hopefully things will work out and we'll accomplish our goals. I;'m going on exchanges this week again and i[ll be sleeping over in another area with 2 other elders. Should be fun! How is the weather at home? How is gary? And teaching school? tell me how everything is going and jsut know that everything is going great here! keep up the good work dad I love you!!

Love, Matt