Thursday, March 24, 2011

March 21, 2011

 Tudo bem!
  Things here are going pretty good, just working hard! The weather was looking
pretty nice this week, and it even got up to 82! Its cold again today, so it sucks
haha! It seems like with the weather getting nicer, the people are
getting nicer when we tract haha. Spring is a good thing! We've been
getting Rita's water ice, which is huge on the East Coast! Its so good!
They have flavors like sweedish fish that is so good! We're starting to
jog in the mornings now, which is good. Every night almost, we still
go upstairs to the ashbee's apartment and enjoy company with them.
THey feed us every sunday and are the nicest people ever! We're lucky
to have them so close by. Something funny that happend this week is that
elder hunt and i were tracting and we realized that elder hunt was
wearing blue suit pants with a green suit jacket. It was funny ha he was
pretty embarrased. No wonder people didnt want to let us in! ha.
Something neat about pottsville is that it has america's oldest brewery
here. Its huge with the coal business here too. We shoveled coal  for
service for a member the other day and it was great fun haha. We've
been doing tons of service here lately as the weather has been getting
better. I actually enjoy service now and it makes me feel great! You
can't love god if you don't serve his people, and we've deffinatly
been doing some great service! The work here is still going slow, but
we're working really hard and finding investigators here and there. A
lot of the time, we find someone to teach, but the appointments
always seem to fall through, and it sucks! People here dont take us
serious i guess when we tell them we're coming over to teach them! We
get stood up a lot. But yeah, i'm still praying hard for my visa, and i
hope you are too! Some elders a month ahead of me that were in the
mtc finally got their visas about a week ago, so i hope in about a
month or so i'll get mine too! SO how are you doing? How's work? Did
you get rid of your kidney stone? THat had to have sucked! haha. So
when are you going to florida? Speaking of florida i hope byu beats em!
Well, not much more to say, i cant reply to your questions or comments
with no email! slacker! Ha jk i forgive you. Keep working hard and know
that i love and miss you!
  Love, Matt
Hey dad, It must have just taken a while for your email to come! Lucky I got it while i'm still online! Man, thats crazy to hear about the flooding in the curitiba area. I would love rendering service to them and do all i can to help them out! Maybe its good that i was here safe and sound. Maybe the Jazz should just suck it up on purpose so they can get a good pick in the lottery and pick up Jimmer! That would  be was sweet. I'm not suprised that Bulls have been doing good, but #1 is suprising! They have a great team now with korver and booz with rose at the point. Maybe MJ will come out of retirement and help em out too haha. I'm glad you had the opportunity to get your kidney stone saved in a handy little jar! Maybe you should put in on a keychain or ring and wear it with pride! just an idea... haha. So when are you going to florida? That should be super fun fishing and stuff. I miss going to florida? So colton is going with you guys again? Thats sweet, should be super fun! So is my tv being used at all in my room? just wondering. Are you gunna pick up RB3?

Hey mom, thanks for all the info! So when are you going to florida? Also, thank you for the packages you sent! I look forward to picking them up in due time! I hear byu is doing great, and jimmer is the man! I get updates from the members around here haha. I just got a couple emails from the missionaries that were a month ahead of me in the mtc and they've been in brazil for a week or two now! Maybe in a month or so i'll have mine!!!! Man, im excited. 
Love, Matt