Friday, January 21, 2011

January 18, 2011

Hey! Another great week has passed, and it's a crazy life I tell you! I see different stuff every day that makes me mad/sad/laugh/confused! Missions really are a great adventure, especially in a crazy ghetto place like Darby, but I love it! It's crazy to hear about the mudslides. Hopefully you're right about maybe it will get the visa's through. I was so excited to get my online app this week. The next step is getting the visa! Hopefully it will be within a month or so. So are you guys really going to Hawaii!!!? The jazz are still doing pretty solid huh? That's good. When i was eating out the restaurant was playing a chicago bulls game and I saw Korver nail a three. Made me miss basketball. It was also funny seeing Boozer in a bull uniform. So this week was good. I went on exchanges to a place called West Chester. It's about an hour away but its like a whole new world there. It is farm land with big houses, and i loved it! From all the time i've spent in ghetto darby, it was so nice getting away to the farmland which i've grown to miss! The good news is that we're going there again this week. Woo! Something that happend this week is that I ate this stuff called Pepper soup. It is sometihng the africans make and love. It is sooo spicy and it has fish heads, Goat meat and liver, turkey neck, and a bunch of mystery meat that i dont know where it came from! The broth was like pure oil that stuck to your mouth for hours. Man that stuff was soooo gross! It destroys the bowl system!! I also ate some kasava leaf which looks like horse crap. It was gross! Something cool that happend this last week is that we were going to teach these people the restoration, and elder lake and elder kay told me before hand that they weren't going to say anything and they would let me teach the whole thing. I was pretty nervous to take over, but as soon as i started, my words were carried out of my mouth by the spirit, and the lesson went so good! I commited 2 people to baptism!!! It was such a neat experience! Something fun that happend yesterday is that we went to center city Philadelphia! We rode the Subway into center city and went to see the liberty bell. It was awesome. Also, we saw the building in which the declaration of independance was written. I took some sweet pictures. We also went to the Comcast skyscraper, which is huge! Inside of it is the Largest Tv in the world! It was way cool. I took a video of it so you can look forward to seeing it when i send it off. I'm learning more and more every day. A mission is deffinatly not easy though! I've been working my butt off! It's paying off though, we are getting a ton of baptismal dates. Well, keep up the good work, and thank you for all the hard work you do to provide for the fam! I love you!!