Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June 29, 2011

Hey! I havent gotten your email yet! Im a little early online today, because we are going to the Temple today. Im super stoked to go there again! I love the temple... But anyways I´ll just jump right into what
happend this week. So we had a baptism yet AGAIN! Woo! We are doing good. They were all from refferals. Thats why refferals are super important, because several baptisms result from refferals. Another thing that happend this week is that Sunday I gave a 15 min talk in church on missionary work. Everyone said they loved it and it was really good. I got the branch super excited to help us out in the work. I fired them up on giving us refferals and going out teaching with us. The weather has
been SUPER cold lately. THis cold reminds me sort of the cold in Philly, but not as bad. Super humid and windy. There is frost on the grass and windsheilds in the morning. This weather makes it so miserable for missionaries, becuase we are walking in it all of the time, with the wind blowing in our face. Also, our apartment doesnt have a heater, and its soooo cold during the night and morning. I sleep with gloves, two pairs of pants, a beanie, and 2 hoodies. To make it all worse, our shower is broken so its just cold water. Man, super bad luck! Haha. It sucks having all of these winters. I endured a whole winter in philly,
and just when it started to warm up, im here at the start of a brand new winter. When it comes time to come home, I will just be finishing the next winter, it will start to warm up here, just to go home at the start of a utah winter. Man, tons of winters for me! This sucks! I hate the cold! haha. But in other news, there are tons and tons of annoying barking dogs that chase us sometimes in São Marcos. THey are just
street dogs that roam the streets, so i bought a powerade with a really good squirting bottle, and I fill it up with water and squirt the annoying dogs when they bark or chase us and they run away every time! hahaha, I get em. Last night something funny that happened is that an investigator was explaining to us that she hadnt received an answer to her prayer, and we found out why. Because she had been praying to joseph smith! hahaha. Well we fixed that right up and well see how it goes. Well i gotta run now,         i love you! Tchau


E ai Pai!   Another great week here in good ol´ Brazil. I wasnt robbed so thats a good thing right? haha. Man, first day of summer back home... Good times in the summer... Truncky!!! But it has actually been super nice here lately. Next month will be the coldest and then the days will start to get warmer and longer too. It gets dark about 5:30 right now so it makes the work a little more dangerous at night, but we are smart about where we go during the night. Dont worry. I hear the sun is still up here until 8:30 in the summer so that will be super good for the work. I will just end with a winter here, and then head straight into winter there when i get home. Man, lots of winters to pass in 2 years... Im super happy gary is doing good. Mom said that you have been looking at getting a friend for gary. Man you should wait until I get home and then get a puppy! haha. I will teach it tricks in portuguese. So is it still raining a lot?? It rains quite a bit here. Today we went to the zoo (for free) and it rained on us and we got soaked. It mists here a ton too, more often than rain. But this week was good! We had yet another baptism!! We are baptising every week here. We have 2 more baptisms this weekend, and that will make 3 weeks in a row of baptisms. The members are giving us a lot of refferals, which is helping a lot. This week we stayed in the house for 2 days because my comp was sick. I picked up his sickness but its not too bad and wont keep me from doing the work! I just used the time indoors to eat, and study pretty much ha it was boring. We had activities this week too with the branch, and we brought investigators. Every week we have soccer with the branch, and we bring investigators and they love it. Yesterday we did a service project for this family that lives in the jungle part of our area. Its super long from the city part, and up in the mountains with jungle. There are monkeys and venomos snakes in this area! Its way cool. This sunday we will give talks in sac meeting (about 20 min long) so i have to prepare for that. But yeah things here are going great, and we´re just preparing for winter to come next month! Tecnically its already here, but it hasnt been too bad so far. But i love you! Keep up the good work! I hope your fathers day was super good! 
Love, Matt